Connoisseurs and motorists origin India, TVS Motors experienced a growth of the community known as TVS Motor Community (hereinafter, TMC). Many of whom were active do turing together, ground coffee activities (kopdar) bersilahturahmi each other and exchange information on tunggangannya, including the West Java Chapter TMC.
Used motorcycles in everyday activities the TVS members of the TMC are apparently also Chapter Jabar invite curiosity to be able to see directly the process of production of motorcycles that come from the land of Shahrukh Khan.
The desire for turing to TVS Motor factory was dilayangkan to the management of PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia, and gets good reception.
Visit the TMC Member Chapter Jabar from Bandung, Garut, Tasikmalaya, Cirebon, Bogor and Purwakarta which amounted to about 50 members were admitted to the factory PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia located in the industrial area Suryacipta City, Karawang Timur (Wednesday, 16/5).
In addition to seeing direct TVS motorcycles production line, quality control processes, process painting and others, the troupe also got information about motorcycle maintenance from TVS Motors team.
So glad we got a good reception from the TVS Motor management. We're more confident manufacturer TVS Motor India classmates is actually producing quality motorcycles, because we became eyewitnesses themselves when produced, said Aryakamandanu, riders Are Apache and titanium.
It's a pity we were only about 50 members of the TMC can be an opportunity to visit the factory, due to their TVS work day and the other unable to. sambungnya. The show visits to TVS Motor factory is fairly short and dense, but for members of the TMC Chapter Jabar can see the direct production is a distinctive and gives the confidence satisfaction community members,TVS Motor in between the origin of India are indeed reliable.
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