insulated box

You can now keep your customer satisfied as they will receive their vegetables in fresh condition. TVS Kargo Box with 5 cm XPS insulator material, can keep your goods in fresh condition. Transporting fresh vegetables or seafood with additional ice pack will ensure the freshness for a longer duration.

  • Safe and Secured transport
  • Need to maintain temperature of the goods
  • Need to maintain freshness of the the goods
Use Cases
  • Fresh Food delivery
  • Sea food & Vegetables
  • Dairy Products


Mobile shopper has now become reliable and economic. TVS Kargo Moko has the standard for a mobile shop. You can modify it to make your product's appearance more appealing. It is easy to ride and manoeuvre in residential areas. Start or expand your business by coming closer to your customer.

  • Business on wheels
  • Want closer to customer
  • To promote directly to customer
  • Right time at Right place
Use Cases
  • Mobile Café
  • Mobile Fast food
  • Mobile Groceries

Customer Speak

I am really happy with TVS Kargo as I have been able to run my business without issues like bad roads and weather not coming in my way. This was a smart business choice that I had made. Really happy!

Mr. Ahmed
Individual Owner, Bangalore

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